Vruchtbaarheid is geen eitje

For our bachelor’s thesis, the Vives university college came to us with a topic. They saw a trend in which woman in Belgium were getting their first child at only 29 years old and this number keeps getting bigger each year. Right now there is no problem yet but if this trend continious there might be one in a couple years. They asked us to come up with a campaign to raise awareness around this topic. They wanted us to inform young people about the consequences of a pregnancy at a later age. With this information we started our last kick ass project.


Vives & howest


Mike Verfaillie

Laurens Vandevyver


5 weeks


UX, visual design & motion

Research & UX

The first week of the assignment we focussed mostly on research and user experience. We took a look at some campaigns that ran in other countries, we defined our audience and started thinking about functionalities. Out of those functionalities we started doing some quick sketches and soon our wireframes took shape.





For the colour scheme of the website I wanted to use both pink and blue as they symbolize female & male. I came across this gorgeous “royal blue” and found it’s perfect pink match in this simple “pastel pink”. For the blacks I used a really dark “mine shaft” black.

Work sans - extra bold



Because I really wanted the titles to stand out I chose a really big and bold font for the titles, work sans. For the body text I wanted to use a font that is clear, reads easily and has a lot of font weights. That’s why I chose to use the Roboto font.


This was by far one of the assigments I loved the most during my three years. I loved working at this large scale where we had to think about every aspect of the campaign. From this project I learned that having a second opinion has so much value. Whenever I would be too far in the design I could just ask Mike his opinion and he looked at my problems with a fresh eye. At the start of this project I also used a lot more "pastel" colours but after a while the whole thing just seemed a little too "soft". That's why I started using these really bold and bright colours instead, these would grab the user's attention way more.


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