Daikin climate control

Daikin specializes in ‘climate control’ and just like lots of other companies they made a cloud based app to control your devices. The app does what it has to do, you can change the temperature, see your different rooms, add schedules and add timers. Right now the app is not looking as fresh as it should. That’s what this assignment is about. Create a premium look for the online controller. We had to create this look for IOS and android for smart- phones, tablets and wearables. The product should also include a lot of big little details and some motion delight.


Daikin & Howest


Laurens Vandevyver


10 weeks


UX, visual design & motion

Research & UX

At the beginning of the assignment I started with looking at what other brands with home controllers offer in their app. From there I made a list with features I thought could come in handy. After that I made a couple of persona's and matched their needs with what I thought users would need in this app. After this I started building the wireframes for the app so I could test the user flow of it. After all this I made a trendboard to define a visual style for myself.





Colourwise I wanted something that would represent warm & cold so I searched for a red and blue tone that would match. After using some pastel colours I ended up with "Cinnabar" red and "Portage" blue. These two colours also mixed very easily to use in gradients. For the blacks I used my favourite kind of black "Mine shaft".

SF UI Display



The assigment was to design a native app for IOS and Android so I used the default system fonts of both operating systems. This to reduce loading times and to use less storage on devices. Both font's are very readable as well so this wasn't an issue.


This assignment really triggered a love for mobile design, I loved working with all the gestures and adding motion delight to create this experience. Because this assigment took 10 weeks I went through a lot of drafts, this final version was my 3rd trial. Also because this assigment took so long I was able to experiment a lot and find a lot of good solutions to UX problems the old app had. The old app crammed a lot of features onto one page. I was able to put full focus on the temparature slider because this is what the user will interact with the most. But at the same time other features are still only a swipe away.


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