Museum voor schone kunsten

The MSK (Museum voor Schone Kunsten) in Ghent is trying to reach out to a younger audience that lives and goes to school in the city of Ghent. These people find their way to the museums in the city center but not to the MSK. Find a way to make going to the MSK museum more appealing to a young audience without changing up the museum. The collection and overall interior don’t change.


MSK, Howest & HS Rotterdam


Laurens Vandevyver

Aaron Israël

Gilles De Muynck

Youri Roggeveen


3 weeks


UX & front-end development

Research & UX

We started our assigment by going to the MSK museum ourselves to experience what it really is like. Afterwards we came up with a couple question and went to the street and asked them to people. We asked them if they knew the museum and if they were interested in art. With all the information we gathered we defined a problem; people are somewhat ashamed of liking art. This is a problem we started working with and tried to tackle in the three weeks that were given to us.





Most of the interface of both the app and website we came up with use a lot of the "msk red", this to give it the same identity as the museum. Next to this we also used some green to "like" art and to just use in general as feedback for the user.




The assigment was to design a native app for IOS and Android so I used the default system fonts of both operating systems. This to reduce loading times and to use less storage on devices. Both font's are very readable as well so this wasn't an issue.


This was my first time working in groups larger than two and I have to say this was different from what I was used to. There were a lot of ideas and a lot of input all the time. Also for this assignment we had to work remote from our group partner in Rotterdam for a week which was new for all of us. After all this project is one I'll always remember as being one of the fun ones. The team we put together was a great fit because we all got to do what we loved.


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