Summer academy

I was picked by In The Pocket for their yearly Summer Academy. They took me and 10 other graduates to Elzelles (a small town in Belgium) for a 4 day design sprint. At the end of those 4 days every group pitched their idea for a jury. The topic of this year was 'How can public broadcaster VRT engage young people in the 2019 elections?'. With this question in mind we started working and came up with a solution


In the pocket & VRT


4 days


UX & visual design

Research & UX

During the first day we gathered information about the topic, we got to interview politicians and went through a lot of data. The second day we took all this data we gathered and started looking for possible solutions, we defined our problem and worked our way towards our solution.





We chose to design a dark UI to give the brand a "mysterious" feel. Next to this we also used this kind of green/blue because this is one of the colours that none political party in Belgium has. There weren't a lot of colours to choose from since there are so many political parties in Belgium.

SF UI Display

Circular bold


The typography needed to be very clear on mobile since mobile was our main focus point. We chose to use SF UI because it was designed for smaller screens. Next to this we also used a bold version of circular, this because of it's gorgeous typeface and high readability.


These 4 days packed so much into such a small amount of time, the day of the pitch we were still designing the interface and finishing the presentation. I learned a lot about brainstorming techniques and how to go from lot's of ideas to one single idea. I'm very happy with what we came up with and even though we didn't win in the end I am very proud of my team and what we delivered.


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